There's no better way of getting to know a person than asking questions –
and of course, listening to the answers. The act of interviewing someone
is an art and the best way us humans have found to better acquaint
a counter part (or being an internet stalker, of course) even after millions of years. 
An incessant curiosity, a deep acceptance of your own ignorance 
and a big will to share, these are all values that a questioner brings with him.
VVersus was born to be a questioner, a season based interview series
by Brazilian designer Vitor Manduchi.
Each season will be led by a theme and each theme will be explored
by different people – capturing distinct opinions and approaches
of different minds within the same topic.
Season 01 talks about Beginnings with Graphic Designers.
Early memories, origins, upbringing, right, wrong decisions and history.
Ask, listen, learn and share folks.